Monday, October 23, 2017

Guardian Angel

Guardian angels truly mean a lot to all of us at PAWS because not only are they generous, but they are practical thinkers. They know that giving monthly allows us to spend less time fundraising and more time caring for our beloved animals – and at the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about. Click here to become a Guardian Angel today!

Here’s what your monthly gift can do:
$20 provides interactive toys to keep our young pets stimulated each month
$25 microchips one homeless pet each month
$35 covers the cost of a one-hour assessment by a certified animal behavior specialist for a pet each month
$50 provides preventative flea and tick medication for three homeless pets each month
$75 covers the cost of X-rays for an injured pet each month
$100 spays or neuters two homeless cats or one dog each month (saving THOUSANDS OF UNWANTED LIVES EACH YEAR)
$150 provides resources for our growing network of foster families who give our most special-needs pets the TLC they desperately need
$250 feeds 25 PAWS Atlanta residents each month
$500 covers the cost of veterinary labor for one low-cost vaccination clinic per month in order to vaccinate 100+ animals in the community

Guardian Angel Benefits
  • Effectiveness - Your monthly commitment helps us to plan ahead, budget more effectively and respond to concerns as they arise throughout the year.
  • Impact - 84 cents of every dollar goes to the direct care of our animals
  • Stewardship - Your ongoing support helps us save money by reducing administrative costs.
  • Convenience - Monthly credit card gifts save you time and postage. (Note: We can provide packets of pre-addressed envelopes if you prefer to give by personal check.)
  • Flexibility - You can change or stop your donation at any time

PAWS Atlanta Guardian Angels will receive acknowledgement of their generosity in our PAW Prints newsletter. Click here to become a Guardian Angel today!
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