Monday, October 23, 2017

Adoption FAQs

What is the adoption process for PAWS Atlanta?
PAWS Atlanta follows an adoption process to ensure that each cat or dog is placed in a safe and loving home. When you first arrive to the shelter, we will ask that you complete a short questionnaire. A longer adoption application and interview must be completed before anyone will be allowed to adopt a pet. You must be 21 years of age or older with a valid form of picture identification.

Please note that PAWS Atlanta reserves the right to refuse adoption to anyone. You must be willing to submit to a home inspection prior to some adoptions. It is your responsibility to read the application carefully and allow enough time to complete the adoption process.

Does PAWS Atlanta hold animals?
PAWS Atlanta will not hold a cat or dog, even if the application is submitted and accepted. Upon successful completion of the application process and payment of the adoption fee, you must be prepared to take your new pet home with you.

What are the adoption fees?

$275 for all dogs under one year old
$250 for all dogs over one year
$150 for a dog who is seven years old and up
$150 for a dog/puppy adopted by a senior citizen (65 years old)

$100 for all cats (one year old and up)
$125 for all kittens (under one year old)
$50 for a cat that is seven years old and up
$75 for a cat/kitten who is adopted by a senior citizen (65 years old)

You will receive a health certificate that entitles you to visit a participating veterinarian while covering the cost of the visit within one week of adoption. Additional procedures, medications and treatments are not covered by PAWS Atlanta.

You are entitled to 30 days of pet health insurance through Shelter Care at no cost. You will also receive a bag of Science Diet or other food that your new pet has been eating while at the shelter to help him or her acclimate.

What or whom should I bring with me to the shelter to complete the adoption process?
You must bring a valid picture identification to the shelter. If you are renting, we will require that you have proof that your lease allows pets. All family members or members (including children) in the household should be present for the adoption process. If you have other dogs that reside in your home and you are potentially adopting a dog from PAWS Atlanta, please bring your other dog(s) with you.

Are the dogs housetrained? Are the cats litterbox trained?
We cannot guarantee that a dog is housetrained. There will always be an acclimation process for your new pet. It is common for dogs, even adult dogs who may have previously been housetrained, to have accidents while they are acclimating to your family. Puppies will require lots of attention and training, so please be prepared to devote the time necessary to your new pet, when he/she is a puppy/kitten or an adult. Cats take time to adjust and may require some time before they are social and/or using their new litterboxes.

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