Monday, October 23, 2017

Pet Dental Clinics

PAWS Atlanta is excited to introduce our new Pet Dental Clinic! Dental services for dogs and cats at $125. Services include a pre-dental exam, dental cleaning, and any minor extractions, pain medication and antibiotics if needed. Call 770-593-1155 or email to make an appointment today.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why is dental care important to pets?
Dental care of pets is one of the most overlooked areas of pet health care. Just like humans, pets need regular dental care too. Dental disease affects up to 80% of pets over the age of three and these conditions can cause serious consequences to your pet’s overall health. Poor dental care can lead to difficulty eating, bad breath, broken and rotten teeth, gingivitis, and periodontal disease. The tartar and any infected areas of the mouth contain bacteria than can travel to other parts of the body causing heart, liver, and kidney disease. Pets can live longer, healthier lives if oral h
ealth care is managed and maintained throughout their lives. 

How can I keep my pet’s teeth healthy?
Brushing your pet’s teeth once or twice a week will help prevent the build-up of tartar and plaque. Starting to brush your pet’s teeth while they’re young is ideal. This will keep them on the right path to a clean healthier mouth and get them used to the procedure. Feeding your pet a dry food diet will also help chip tartar off their teeth. There are many products you can find in your local pet store that will help keep your pet’s mouth healthy such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, chew toys, treats, etc. Never use human toothpaste for your pet! As a preventative measure, adult pets over the age of three years should get an annual dental cleaning.

How do I know if my pet needs a dental cleaning?
Examine your pet’s teeth regularly for signs of periodontal disease, such as brownish colored teeth; swollen, red, or bleeding gums; persistent bad breath; loose teeth or loss of teeth; pus between the gums and teeth; broken teeth and any unusual growth in the mouth. If you’ve noticed that your pet is reluctant to eat, play with chew toys, or drink cold water these may all be warning signs of dental issues. Please make an appointment to have your pet seen for a dental exam at PAWS Atlanta.

What happens during a dental cleaning?
The animal is sedated under general anesthesia throughout the entire procedure. An ultra-sonic scaler is used to remove tartar from the teeth and gum line. Once cleaned, the teeth are polished with a fluoride paste. This is important because polishing smooth’s out the teeth’s surface which will stop rapid accumulation of tartar in the future. If needed loose, broken or rotten teeth are extracted.

Does PAWS offer dental cleaning services for dogs and cats?
Yes, at PAWS Atlanta, dental services for dogs and cats start at $125. This price includes exam and cleaning. There could be additional charges for minor extractions, pain meds and antibiotics. PAWS Atlanta will only extract single rooted teeth or teeth that are already loose at the time of the procedure. If PAWS Atlanta feels that your pet needs more complex extractions or has any other oral condition that needs to be addressed, we will suggest that your pet get seen by a veterinarian at a regular full-service animal hospital.

Often it is older animals that are in the most need of dental cleanings. Due to the fact that older pets may have health conditions that would make sedating them more dangerous, PAWS Atlanta recommends that any pet over the age of 7 years have pre-anesthetic blood work performed within 2 weeks prior to the dental exam. That blood work can be done at PAWS Atlanta by appointment.

How do I make an appointment?
Call PAWS Atlanta at 770-593-1155 to schedule your appointment today. We require a $25 deposit to hold your appointment. In the event that you have to cancel, you must do so by calling 770-593-1155 72 HOURS BEFORE YOUR APPOINTMENT and speak to a member of our staff. If there is no answer, we are on the other line. You must leave a message for us to note your cancellation. If you do not cancel or reschedule your appointment 72 hours before your appointment, your $25 deposit will NOT be refunded.

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